What happens when a lawyer with a reputation for being a white nationalist and an attorney who fights for his client is called to a wrongful death case?

After the death of a woman named Jennie Lee, who was shot by her boyfriend while trying to break up a fight, a local lawyer was appointed to represent her family.After a court fight, the case was settled.The next day, the lawyer who represented Jennie’s family said that he did not want to represent the

President Trump’s lawyer says the US will not be seeking extradition of ex-President Donald Trump

Trump’s attorney, Jamie Gorelick, told ABC News on Thursday that the Trump Organization has “not yet made any decision” on whether to seek extradition of former President Donald Trump.Gorelik also said that the United States would not seek extradition from Russia, where Trump’s businesses have been accused of corruption.Gorenick also said the United Nations Special