How to get your divorce lawyer’s attention, lawyer tv shows

New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, is getting his own sitcom.The sitcom, which premieres Thursday night, is called Divorce Lawyer Manhattan and features a former attorney general and two former U.S. attorneys.“It’s about how to get people’s attention in this country, how to deal with your clients,” said New York Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who

When You’re Missing the Point, the Lawyer’s Guide to the Lawsuit Process

There are certain times in every day when it’s best to get to know your client.Whether that means reading a legal brief, watching a lawyer do his job, or trying to understand why you might be in trouble, you have to understand your client before you can make an informed decision.When you’re trying to figure

Small Business Lawyer Salary: $76,000

By Alex WroblewskiAssociated Press writerStaff writerAssociated Press WriterTULSA, Okla.(AP) A Tulsa, Oklahoma, lawyer who earned $76.5 million in total compensation in 2018 was fired Wednesday by a judge who found the city failed to show a reasonable cause to fire her.Lawyer Lisa S. Osterman filed a grievance against the city on Tuesday, saying city officials