Why lawyers and paralegals have so much in common

Paralegal and lawyer are two professions whose primary role is the acquisition of information for lawyers.Their jobs are often very similar and often require the same level of knowledge.But there are differences in how the two professions work together and their roles are often different.The roles of paralegials and lawyers The paralegemeans, which have been

The 10 best traffic violations lawyers in Philly

Philadelphia lawyer Jenna Ellis has an unusual background.Ellis’ dad was the CEO of a major construction company and she’s the daughter of a prominent attorney.In the late ’80s, Ellis was a teen and living in the Hamptons, and she got into trouble for breaking curfew with a friend.She eventually ended up in jail, and was

What happens when a lawyer with a reputation for being a white nationalist and an attorney who fights for his client is called to a wrongful death case?

After the death of a woman named Jennie Lee, who was shot by her boyfriend while trying to break up a fight, a local lawyer was appointed to represent her family.After a court fight, the case was settled.The next day, the lawyer who represented Jennie’s family said that he did not want to represent the