Lawyer, lawyer, lawyers, lawyers: Where can you go to get your divorce lawyer?

The average cost of divorce in the United States is about $2 million per couple.But according to the National Center for State Courts, the average cost for an attorney is a whopping $7 million.It’s a lot of money for a lot that isn’t going to be spent on your divorce.Here’s what you need to know

Which is more likely: Dental malpractices or financial negligence?

By DANIEL RICHARDSON | Published January 08, 2019 05:05:59As many as 40% of dentists and medical practitioners are being sued over malpractice, financial or negligence cases, according to a new report.It’s a trend that is already being seen across the board, with some of the most well-known cases in Australia, the United States and Europe.The

How to avoid a lot of legal trouble with a simple debt reduction plan

The following article is by Dr. Prashant Mukherjee, MD of Global Business Legal Network.He specializes in debt reduction and bankruptcy law.Dr. Mukherjee can be reached at [email protected]: This article is a research-based article.While it is a legal opinion and should not be used for any specific purpose, it should be considered as an opinion.

Which team is suing?

A player in the US Soccer Association is suing his club for violating his personal data by illegally accessing a player’s profile in order to contact him in the future.The lawsuit filed by former player Nathan Koppenhausen alleges that his MLS club, the LA Galaxy, “knowingly and intentionally breached the Privacy Act by unlawfully accessing,

Steve Barnes lawyer: Lawyer Who Said Trump Accuser Says He Was Wrong About Him

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images Steve Barnese, a lawyer who has represented President Donald Trump in legal disputes for decades, said he believes the president is not legally responsible for the sexual assault allegations against him.Barnes told the National Review website that he has not spoken with Trump but that the president should have the legal protections