Which lawyer outfit should I hire to represent my family?

By now you’re probably aware that I’ve been busy preparing my family for the inevitable litigation.The first step was to research the lawyers in my local area.My first contact was the legal department at the family law firm.Their office was incredibly welcoming and accommodating, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the level of legal assistance

How to Get Your Lawyer to Join You as a Client in Alabama

A lawyer with a lot of money has a difficult job: to represent the clients of lawyers who are getting into debt.So a new class of lawyers is being born, one that has the added advantage of being cheaper. It’s called the Legal Practitioner Retainer Network (LPRN), which is a joint venture between law firms, the

Lawyers say they will appeal a judge’s ruling that a family lawyer who had to take his case to a new judge after being charged with fraud for helping his clients win a job with the Ontario Provincial Police should be prosecuted

A family lawyer is appealing a judge for a ruling that his case against the provincial police should be brought to trial.In October, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that lawyer David Pemberton had to defend himself in court against allegations of fraud because the charges were filed without an investigation.“If he (the police) are

How to file for eviction

The first step in evicting a tenant is to get the landlord to agree to the eviction, and there are two things you need to do before the eviction is final.If the landlord refuses to sign the eviction agreement, you can file a complaint.If you’re a tenant, you have two options: file an eviction petition,