How to get your divorce lawyer’s attention, lawyer tv shows

New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, is getting his own sitcom.The sitcom, which premieres Thursday night, is called Divorce Lawyer Manhattan and features a former attorney general and two former U.S. attorneys.“It’s about how to get people’s attention in this country, how to deal with your clients,” said New York Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who

Steve Barnes lawyer: Lawyer Who Said Trump Accuser Says He Was Wrong About Him

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images Steve Barnese, a lawyer who has represented President Donald Trump in legal disputes for decades, said he believes the president is not legally responsible for the sexual assault allegations against him.Barnes told the National Review website that he has not spoken with Trump but that the president should have the legal protections

What to expect when Breonna Taylor, the Divorce Attorney Who Divorce Lawyers Say Made Her Millions, Is Back

When Breonna Taylor was arrested for marijuana possession in 2013, she was facing a felony charge that could have sent her to prison for up to 30 years.That charge would have meant that she could have lost her job and her savings.Instead, Taylor won her case and a three-year sentence.Taylor’s case is currently being heard

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Branded Business Attorney

Salary and perks are no joke.Business lawyers are paid for their work, but there’s no guarantee that your business will ever prosper, as you’d imagine.In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the right lawyer and get the best deals.The best business attorneys are in business to serve their clients, not the other way

The best legal tools for dealing with domestic abuse cases

In the last couple of years, more than a dozen legal experts have released statements that they think will be of value to families in domestic abuse lawsuits.The statements are in response to the rise of a new type of lawsuit: the “family” lawsuit.The family lawsuit is an extremely complex case involving multiple people who