A motorcycle lawyer who sued for sexual assault in Florida loses lawsuit in Supreme Court

A motorcycle attorney who sued a woman who says she was fired from her job after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit has lost her case in the Supreme Court, the Orlando Sentinel reports.Jennifer Ellington, a motorcycle lawyer with Orlando, Florida-based Ellingtons, Lick & Lick LLP, had sought to block the woman’s claim of wrongful termination,

How do you handle a child sex abuse case without resorting to the courts?

A sexual abuse lawyer who successfully argued in a child sexual abuse case against a former teacher, who is now a public school principal, was forced to resign from her position.In February 2017, Sidney Powell, a partner in the law firm of New York law firm Pepper Hamilton, was found guilty of two counts of

Sam Friedman attorney to give free trial to rape survivor

Former prosecutor Sam Friedmans attorney, Richard S. Smith, is preparing to give a free trial for a rape survivor in the Southern District of New York.In a statement on Tuesday, Friedman said the trial, which he will deliver to a jury, will address a number of important issues: “I believe that there is a strong

Which defense lawyer is best suited for your situation?

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