Immigration lawyer pleads guilty to falsifying immigration status

The wife of an immigration lawyer who was accused of falsifying her immigration status pleaded guilty Thursday to lying to investigators and could face up to two years in prison.Rachela Lopez, 44, pleaded guilty to filing false claims of immigration status in an Arizona court on Thursday.The former immigration attorney pleaded guilty last year to

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Branded Business Attorney

Salary and perks are no joke.Business lawyers are paid for their work, but there’s no guarantee that your business will ever prosper, as you’d imagine.In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the right lawyer and get the best deals.The best business attorneys are in business to serve their clients, not the other way

The best legal tools for dealing with domestic abuse cases

In the last couple of years, more than a dozen legal experts have released statements that they think will be of value to families in domestic abuse lawsuits.The statements are in response to the rise of a new type of lawsuit: the “family” lawsuit.The family lawsuit is an extremely complex case involving multiple people who

How to win an airplane accident suit against a patent lawyer

With the launch of the Aviate, the aerospace industry is in a new position to pursue patent lawsuits, thanks to the Avia, the first aircraft to be manufactured using the new technology.In order to sue a patent holder, you have to present a claim against their patents and obtain a patent trial.Once the patent owner

Former Ireland footballer Casey Anthony and the murder trial of his ex-wife Jag Jago

The former Ireland footballer and his former wife, Jag Jonago, are suing the Irish Government for defamation over claims they were murdered by a man with a history of mental illness.Jago was killed in 2014 in a shooting that was later claimed to be revenge for the alleged treatment of her husband Casey Anthony.Mr Anthony

How to deal with tenants rights lawyer after tribunal ruling

The consumer protection lawyer who was criticised after she defended tenants rights has been ordered to pay a £5,000 fine.John Murphy was fined £5.25, plus costs and expenses, after a tribunal ruling that he had breached his fiduciary duty to protect consumers.The consumer protection barrister, who is now the managing director of a company, said