What happens when a lawyer with a reputation for being a white nationalist and an attorney who fights for his client is called to a wrongful death case?

After the death of a woman named Jennie Lee, who was shot by her boyfriend while trying to break up a fight, a local lawyer was appointed to represent her family.

After a court fight, the case was settled.

The next day, the lawyer who represented Jennie’s family said that he did not want to represent the family because the family believed that he was racist and should not represent them, according to The Associated Press.

“I’m not going to be representing Jennie,” the lawyer told the AP.

“And I will not be representing my client, because that’s not what I stand for.

And I’m going to represent Jennie.”

A spokesman for the attorney, Andrew T. Green, said that the lawyer’s actions were not racist.

“This is a case where it was clear the family and I both knew there was an issue between the family,” Green told the Associated Press, and that the attorney’s actions would not be tolerated.

“The family of the deceased and the family of this client were given a thorough, impartial, and thorough explanation about what happened,” he added.

The family said the lawyer was not representing them in any way.

In January, Green told a local ABC affiliate that he had not received a death threat and that he hoped that his stance on racism would not impact his work.

“There is a difference between being against racism, and being against violence,” he said.

“We don’t need any more racism.”

A representative for Green said that Green did not intend to intimidate the family.

“If there was a death and I was going to say ‘I’m going for my client’s side,’ I wouldn’t do that,” the representative said, adding that he hopes the case does not impact Green’s work.