JAG lawyer fees – lawyer fees

The lawyer fees for the JAG attorney are set by the Attorney General, and are designed to protect consumers.

The amount is calculated based on the number of claims that have been resolved with a lawyer and the amount of compensation the lawyer has received for representing consumers.

JAG lawyers are available in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

The Attorney General’s office said it was working with consumer advocates and lawyers to provide information on the legal costs of lawyers who are on the Jag legal team.

The lawyer costs are calculated based upon the number (1) of claims settled with a JAG barrister and the attorney’s total compensation for representing the consumer.

This is in addition to any other costs incurred by the lawyer, such as travel and legal advice.

The total amount of attorney fees a Jag lawyer receives for representing a consumer is calculated as follows: 1 claim settled: $1,200 2 claims resolved: $2,400 3 claims settled: 1,400 4 claims resolved : $1 of compensation (this includes travel and lodging) 5 claims resolved but not settled: 0.1% of compensation per claim in excess of $1.50 for each claim 1,000 claims resolved, but not paid: 0,05% of the total compensation paid 1,200 claims settled, but paid but not made: 0% of total compensation (which includes travel) 5,000 Claims settled but not fully paid: 100% of what the lawyer received 1,500 claims settled but partially paid: 500% of all the money paid 1:500 claims paid, but in excess: 250% of how much the lawyer was paid