How to make a good lawyer clip art

A clip art artist has used a picture of a courtroom as a legal reference to paint a lawyer on a piece of legal wallpaper.

The artwork was created using a photograph of Judge John Gleeson.

It is a simple but effective piece of artwork that has been used to illustrate several legal issues in recent months, including a case in the UK involving a woman accused of having sex with a man in her car, and a similar case in Canada involving a man accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Gleeson is also a member of the United Kingdom’s Court of Appeal and is seen as one of the UK’s most controversial judges.

“This is the result of a simple photo manipulation exercise,” says artist David Smith.

“It shows that you can use a photograph to show an image in the real world.”

The image shows Gleeson in court on January 11, 2017.

“When I saw the picture, I knew I wanted to make it,” Smith says.

“I used Photoshop to digitally alter the original photo, and then made a copy of the wallpaper.”

I took a close-up of the judge’s right eye and used a dotting tool to fill in the blurring, and I used Photoshop’s Noise Removal tool to remove all of the darkening from the original image.””

The result is a nice looking picture that gives you a good idea of what the judge is like.

“The picture has been made by David Smith of the Bar Council in Edinburgh.”

A copy of David Smith’s work can be seen in the gallery below.