How much is a lawyer’s lawyer salary?

Lawyers are paid about $1.4 million annually, which is about $2,200 more than what the average American makes, according to a study by the American Bar Association.

In addition to this salary, they also receive benefits such as 401(k)s and housing allowances.

But the most important perk for lawyers is the ability to collect a large salary.

The ABA’s report estimates that the average attorney’s salary is $8.6 million annually.

That’s more than double the average salary for all other professionals surveyed, which was $2.3 million.

And it’s only $2 million less than the average lawyer’s salary for full-time faculty members, which, according the ABA, is about the same as full- time employees in their home countries.

This difference is especially stark for attorneys who work in the public interest.

They are more likely to be involved in issues that affect the poor and underprivileged, such as fighting to help communities address the effects of climate change.

In that way, their work is also less visible to the public, which can make it harder for people to recognize their worth.

It also means they earn less in compensation for their work, which makes it harder to build a good reputation in the legal profession.

The number of lawyers who make less than $1 million is increasing, with lawyers making more than $2m in 2013 and over $3m in 2018.

But it’s still rare for attorneys to earn less than that.

The average lawyer makes about $6.3, the study found.