A motorcycle lawyer who sued for sexual assault in Florida loses lawsuit in Supreme Court

A motorcycle attorney who sued a woman who says she was fired from her job after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit has lost her case in the Supreme Court, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Jennifer Ellington, a motorcycle lawyer with Orlando, Florida-based Ellingtons, Lick & Lick LLP, had sought to block the woman’s claim of wrongful termination, arguing she had suffered retaliation for her lawsuit against the company.

Ellington said in her lawsuit that she was terminated for filing a lawsuit against a motorcycle company that was seeking to fire her and for not following up with a termination letter.

The woman sued the company in August.

Elington filed a complaint in February with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that the woman was fired for violating company policies regarding sexual harassment and retaliation.

The EEOC did not investigate Ellingons allegations.

In the lawsuit, Ellingon alleged that she “had been fired from work because she reported the alleged harassment and sexual assault by the plaintiff to HR and to the company’s human resources department.”

Ellingtons lawsuit also alleges that the company fired her after she refused to give them a confidential recording of her interview with the woman.

The EEOC said in a statement that it has not received any of Ellingones allegations.

Etington’s attorney, Mark Pritchard, said in an email that the case is being reviewed by the EEOC.

“The EEO is reviewing the complaint, which is being vigorously defended in court, and will evaluate whether it meets the agency’s standards and whether it provides the plaintiff with adequate protection against retaliation,” Pritcher said.

Pritchard said Ellingwood will have a hearing on the EEO’s complaint at 9 a.m.

EDT on Thursday.

The lawsuit also names the motorcycle company, Erols Inc., and the state of Florida, as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as defendants.

Erols is owned by Harley-Davidson, a major U.S. manufacturer.