Why lawyer cat is such a weird cat

Why lawyer cats are such a strange cat.

Read moreThe lawyer cat was born in Australia to a mother and father, who brought the breed to the country as pets, but he was only ever raised by his owners.

They were unable to have a litter of his own and he died at the age of 12, a year after being adopted, in 2013.

When he was first introduced to humans, he was taken in by a group of volunteers, but it was discovered the cat was not the breed he had been raised to be.

In the years that followed, the Australian Humane Society (AHSS) was notified about the breed and the organisation was forced to remove it from its website.

Since then, a small group of animal welfare activists have been raising money to buy him back, hoping to reunite him with his family.

“The fact he was born without any kind of pedigree has caused an immense amount of stress and grief for his family,” the AHSS said in a statement.

“In our opinion, the cat is not a registered or eligible breed, and we are trying to get a new owner.”

In a statement to ABC News, AHSS chief executive Sarah Henshaw said the organisation has had to take on a number of legal cases in order to get the breed back on its website, and was currently awaiting court approval.

“Unfortunately, it has been extremely difficult to have the AHAS (Australian Humane Society) register the breed,” she said.

“We have had to file thousands of cases, and have had hundreds of animals put down because we could not find a good fit.”

All the while, the dog continues to cause grief and grief to his family.”AHSS is hoping to have him back on the website by June 2018.

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