Which team is suing?

A player in the US Soccer Association is suing his club for violating his personal data by illegally accessing a player’s profile in order to contact him in the future.

The lawsuit filed by former player Nathan Koppenhausen alleges that his MLS club, the LA Galaxy, “knowingly and intentionally breached the Privacy Act by unlawfully accessing, through the use of a search engine, the player’s personal data and personal identifying information.”

The suit, which was filed on Monday, claims that the Galaxy breached the “privacy of the individual who had voluntarily provided such information to the Galaxy.”

The Galaxy responded to the lawsuit by saying in a statement that it has “received the complaint and is reviewing it and will defend ourselves vigorously.”

“We have been in contact with Nathan and his counsel and are reviewing the allegations in the complaint,” the statement read.

“Our position is that the information was not shared or made available by us to any third party without consent.

We believe that our privacy policy is clear and is consistent with the law.””

Nathan has not shared the information with anyone outside of the Galaxy and we have not violated any other privacy law,” the Galaxy added.

“Nathan is a proud Galaxy supporter and has not disclosed any information to anyone outside the Galaxy, including to his club, in order not to embarrass the Galaxy or to compromise its reputation.

We do not have a policy of disclosing information about our players to anyone other than our professional athletes and the media.”

According to the LA Times, Koppens claim is that his personal information was illegally accessed through the company that provides MLS players’ profiles to the league.

The LA Galaxy are suing the MLS for $20 million (€18.7m) over the breach of privacy, alleging that they violated the Privacy Acts by sharing the player profile with third parties.

Koppenaus personal information has been publicly available since March, when the former MLS player told the LA Daily News that the LA team contacted him after he received a text message from the Galaxy in August 2016 that said he had “appeared in a video”.

In the text message, Kuppenaus told the paper that the club “got his phone number” and he later received a call from a person in the Galaxy who offered him a contract to play for the club.

“They wanted me to sign a deal and that was all I was told,” Kopps text message said.

“I was told to go and have a look at the contract and that’s when I knew they were talking about me.

It wasn’t like I signed a contract or anything.”

In March, the Galaxy announced that the 23-year-old would join them for the 2017 season after being granted a transfer to MLS side Sporting Kansas City.