Which is more likely: Dental malpractices or financial negligence?

By DANIEL RICHARDSON | Published January 08, 2019 05:05:59As many as 40% of dentists and medical practitioners are being sued over malpractice, financial or negligence cases, according to a new report.

It’s a trend that is already being seen across the board, with some of the most well-known cases in Australia, the United States and Europe.

The latest survey from the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Australian Financial Review found that between January and October 2018 there were more than 1,600 lawsuits involving dentists.

But it was not all bad news.

In fact, about half of the claims were brought by individuals who were being sued because they had made mistakes or caused harm to others.

The biggest threat to dentists is financial malpractice cases, the ADA said.

“The main reason we hear from people is they’ve been hurt or their business has been harmed,” ADA general secretary Paul Smith said.

Mr Smith said the rate of dental malpractice was higher in some states than others.

“We’ve got an area in the South Australian region where we have a lot of dentistry patients that have gone bankrupt,” he said.

The ACCC says it is working with the ADC to ensure the industry is not at risk of financial harm.

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