What’s going on with the ‘lawyer retainer’ meme?

A lawyer has filed a complaint against a Facebook page that called on him to “go on strike” to protest the government’s decision to award the $10,000 retainer to a former client.

In the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, lawyer Richard Goldstein alleged that the Facebook page, which he describes as a “lobby for the public interest,” violated California’s Open Meetings Act, which bans the solicitation of funds for political activity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the ACLU.

The page’s “official Facebook page has more than 700,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 3 million ‘followers,'” Goldstein wrote.

“We have no doubt that the ‘lobbyist’ is engaged in the same sort of activity that he is accused of,” he continued.

“He is seeking to raise funds for himself, and his wife, to run a political campaign.

He is soliciting funds for a political cause.”

He also alleged that in addition to the Facebook post, the Facebook account also posted messages and images of his wife posing in a political outfit, which was also an illegal campaign activity under California law.

The Facebook page was created in early November, and was registered to Goldstein as “Richard Goldstein,” according to the complaint.

It is unclear whether the lawyer who has filed the complaint was actually Goldstein, who has also been active on Facebook, or someone else, the complaint said.

The lawyer was not immediately available for comment.