What you need to know about Florida divorce lawyer Charles Douglas

The wife of Florida divorce attorney Charles Douglas is asking a judge to give her custody of their three-year-old son, saying he was taken from her custody without her consent when she was in a drunken rage.

Douglas was arrested on charges of child neglect in December, and he has been in jail since.

The woman said she has been “abandoned” by her ex-husband, and her lawyer says he has no right to her custody.

He has filed for divorce in Florida. 

He has also filed for custody of his 3-year old son. 

Douglas is a divorce attorney in Tampa and has represented hundreds of people in divorce cases, including his wife.

He’s also a father of three.

The judge granted custody of the child to the woman on Monday, a ruling he filed last week. 

The woman, who requested anonymity because she was a victim of domestic violence, said she was drunk and had a drinking problem, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

She said she began to act aggressively toward Douglas after he accused her of stealing his car and threatened to harm her and her husband. 

She said that she and her ex went to his home and left their child alone with him, but she said she awoke to find Douglas with the child and a gun. 

“My husband said I was going to shoot my child,” she told the Sentinel. 

After the two were outside arguing, the woman said Douglas allegedly hit her with a golf club, but that she was not hurt. 

But the judge told the woman that the child was still in her custody, according the Sentinel, and she was ordered to stay away from him. 

In a statement, the man’s attorney, Steve Lassiter, said that Douglas was trying to defend himself from the charges.

“He was defending himself from charges of domestic abuse, he had a prior criminal record and he was a good dad,” Lassitor said. 

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