Uber accident lawyer: ‘I have to make this call’ to her employer

Uber accident attorney: ‘This is my job’ and she needs to make it quick article Uber accidents attorney Stephanie Lai says she has to make the call soon.

Lai says the company is looking for a new general manager.

She said she is confident in the company’s plans to make things right.

“I have faith that they are going to fix this and fix it right.

And the sooner we fix it, the sooner people can come back to Uber,” she said.

Uber has been in a crisis after two fatal crashes in Chicago last week.

The company has said it is investigating the crash that killed a passenger and injured six others.

The other two incidents in which passengers were killed and a woman injured have been investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The National Transportation Board has been investigating the deaths of a woman and two people injured in a crash on a Chicago-bound Uber in which two people were killed.