The most ridiculous and important quotes from the most recent episode of The Simpsons

It’s time to celebrate the season’s first birthday with a look back at the most ridiculous quotes and moments from the series so far.

Here are the 10 most important quotes and the 10 funniest moments.1.

Homer: I love you, Mommy!2.

Bart: You’re not my Mommy, you’re my Grandma!3.

Bart and Homer: What do you mean you’re not a Grandma?4.

Lisa: I’m my Grandpa.5.

Bart’s dad: You should have seen my Grandfather.6.

Bart says: Dad, I’m your Grandpa!7.

Bart puts on his Grandpa hat.8.

Homer says: Grandpa, Dad!9.

Bart makes a sandwich.10.

Homer gets a call from his grandma.