How to get a divorce in Texas

A Texas divorce lawyer who has worked at the Harris County Divorce Center in Austin since 2006 said he expects to work with thousands of divorce clients for the next decade.

Michael J. Bivens, who is also a divorce lawyer, said the office will be a major contributor to the divorce industry, but he expects the divorce court will still be the main place for lawyers to be in Texas.

In an interview with NBC News, Bivins said he hopes to increase his presence in Texas to better prepare divorce attorneys to work in a larger setting and in more locations across the state.

He said he knows the court system is growing, and that there is a need for more divorce lawyers.

Bivens said the Harris-Bethune-St. Marys Divorce Office in Houston has seen a significant increase in divorce caseloads in recent years, and he hopes the county’s divorce center will continue to be an attractive place for a divorce attorney to work.

The Harris County Courts have about 30 lawyers, according to Bivers office.

The county’s population is nearly 400,000, and Bivists office sees about 3,000 divorce cases each year.

He said that means the county has a lot of divorce lawyers in a busy office, and his office is always looking for new hires.

He expects the office to see a steady stream of divorces in the future, and said he is very optimistic about the future.

Bovens said he’s confident in the current court system in Texas, and the court has made great strides.

He’s confident that the court will continue its rapid growth.

“The courts are in place to deal with the increasing numbers of divorcing people,” Bivons office said in a statement.

“We have a strong track record of providing quality legal services and we look forward to continuing to do so.”

The Harris-Brady Divorce Department has had a steady increase in caseloop since Bivans first started working there, Bovens office said.

In 2018, the office had over 3,700 divorce cases, which he said is about half the amount of cases in the 1990s.BIVERS office has not disclosed the caselopping rate for the county, but Bivs office said he has seen caselop increases of 50 percent or more.

He says the casels are a key part of his caselaying strategy.

Bevins said the number of divorcts filed in the county each year is roughly 40 percent higher than the same time last year.

Bills are being filed with the county and other Texas counties each month, he said, and it is a difficult process.

He hopes the courts will see the success of his efforts and work to make the process easier.

“I think it’s just a matter of time before Texas sees a rise in divorce rates,” he said.