Why the Trump lawyer’s defense of ‘super PAC’ may have been legal

Donald Trump lawyer Alan Garten says the Trump campaign’s legal defense of a $12 million super PAC may have legally been “fairly well done” and has the potential to help Trump and his allies in the coming campaign.

Garten said on Monday that his client, George Papadopoulos, has agreed to plead guilty to lying to the FBI and making false statements about his contact with a Russian lawyer.

Garten said that Papadopolous had also agreed to forfeit money from his “super PAC” in exchange for a guilty plea.

The deal was struck after Papadopoulous was arrested on October 3.

He pleaded guilty to making false and misleading statements to federal investigators in the case. 

Papadopoulos worked for the Trump presidential campaign as an advisor.

He was charged in the probe, which is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, after Papads involvement in a secret meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney.

In November 2016, Papadops first court appearance in Washington, D.C. was held to discuss his plea deal. 

During that hearing, Papads defense attorney, Alan Gellerman, said that the guilty plea was a “mistake,” because the plea would allow Papadapoulous to avoid criminal charges.

Gellerman said that while Papadaps statement to the feds was not truthful, his client was guilty of “trying to manipulate them into doing something that was a crime.” 

Gellermans attorney, Benjamin Brafman, argued that Papads statement that he was not a foreign agent had not been truthful because Papadapo was not working for a foreign government. 

In his plea, Papapoulos defense attorney also claimed that Papadiopoulos had been trying to contact Russian government officials about a Trump campaign project. 

Garten called the plea deal a “very positive step” in the campaign’s defense.

“If Mr. Papadoulos plea is accepted, it will be a tremendous relief to Mr. Trump, and it will show that he is a willing and willing participant in this investigation,” Garten told reporters. 

The Trump campaign has repeatedly denied any collusion with the Russians, saying that they have not done anything illegal. 

Trump’s lawyers have argued that he will not be charged with a crime and will not face jail time for his role in the matter.