When your attorney is in court, the future of your life may depend

The lawyer who represented a Texas family in a lawsuit against a bank is suing the bank for the money it is owed.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Harris and his wife, Lisa, sued the bank, Bank of America, in federal court last month.

In their lawsuit, they allege that the bank and a partner at the law firm who represent clients in the Harris case made false statements to Harris and the bank’s legal team.

They allege that they were forced to take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees for representing Harris’ family in the case.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Harris and Lisa’s attorneys say the bank lied to them about how much Harris was owed.

The lawsuit says Harris’ attorney, John Sorensen, and another attorney who represent the bank have been charged with lying to federal investigators.

“The bank was lying about the amount it was owed, and that was a very serious matter,” said Michael Kinser, an attorney representing the Harris family.

“If the bank was paying them more than they were owed, that was an issue.”

Sorens, the bank lawyer, said in a statement to the Chronicle that his client had not been paid the money that Harris owed.

“Mr. Sorents had no knowledge of any alleged dishonesty or impropriety at any time, and we will vigorously defend the lawsuit,” he said.