The lawyer who advised the Narendra Modi government to pardon his client is now seeking his freedom

A lawyer in the Narendra Narendra Modi administration is appealing against his conviction for his role in the drug-related scam, which he helped facilitate.

M.R. Sengupta was convicted in February for helping Rohith Vemula, a former police officer who was released from jail in December after serving 15 years in jail.

The conviction has been criticised by human rights organisations as a political vendetta and a misuse of prosecutorial discretion by the Supreme Court.

Sikupta is challenging his conviction in the Bombay High Court.

“I have no regrets about my actions,” Senguptas lawyer K.K. Bhullar told NDTV over phone.

“I believe I did nothing wrong.

It is the only reason I am being treated like a criminal.”

The Gujarat High Court had ordered the arrest of Sengupati, who was in a custody for allegedly accepting bribes from a client to secure a jail sentence.

But he was released on bail last month.

Sengupta, a lawyer, is the son of a former chief minister of Gujarat, who served as Gujarat’s Chief Minister for nearly 20 years before being removed from office in 2014.

Sagupta had represented Senguvat Singh, who pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to commit extortion in the same case in 2015.

Sagupta said that he had advised the then government that the convicted accused should be pardoned, and that he would help him with the legal fees.

Svenu Prasad Senguppa, the former chief justice of Gujarat who had the final say on the acquittal, had been the chief justice for nearly three decades before his resignation in December 2015.

The case against Sengups was first reported by The Hindu.