Lawyer in legal battle over Trump dossier claims ‘a lot of people have died’

An attorney for a Trump-linked British dossier publisher is in the midst of a legal battle with a rival who is alleging the dossier contains a massive breach of copyright law.

In the midst, the lawyer is fighting to defend his clients right to freedom of expression.

The lawsuit against the London-based author of the now-infamous “Dossier” alleges that the dossier, which has been widely discredited by the US government, is false.

The British publisher, Christopher Steele, is also under fire for its role in the Trump-Russia scandal, which led to his arrest in July.

The lawyer for Steele, Dominic King, said Tuesday he’s seeking to stop Steele’s defamation suit from going forward.

In a statement to The Associated Press, King said he believes the lawsuit is being waged by a “corrupt media organization” because Steele’s name has been included in several of the accusations.

“The British press are attempting to silence Mr. Steele and his supporters by publishing false and misleading allegations about him,” King said.

“I would suggest to you that this suit is a corrupt media organization that is attempting to use this case to silence and discredit Mr. King.”

The British court of appeal on Tuesday denied Steele’s request for a rehearing, which could mean the case could go to trial at the highest court in the land.

A ruling on the matter could be handed down in the next few weeks.

In recent weeks, the US Justice Department has accused Steele of providing the Trump campaign with a “credible and credible account of Russian meddling in the 2016 election,” a charge that has led to the dismissal of 19 Russian intelligence operatives accused of providing Trump campaign dirt.