Jonathon Marshall: Judge agrees to retrial

In a unanimous decision, a Colorado judge has agreed to retry a former Colorado Springs student loan lawyer accused of fraud.

Former Colorado Springs police officer Jonathan Marshall, 54, pleaded guilty in May to fraud charges stemming from a fraud investigation.

Marshall was convicted of defrauding a student loan company in 2014, but the charge was dismissed last year after prosecutors alleged he made false statements to police.

The former lawyer’s trial attorney, former federal prosecutor Jonathan E. Hickey, said Friday the judge’s decision to grant a new trial to the former lawyer “makes perfect sense.”

Hickey said the decision was made after a three-year investigation into Marshall and his behavior during the case.

Hickey, who is not involved in the case, said his client is innocent.

Hickey has argued in the past that Marshall should have been retried because of a lack of evidence.