How to hire an attorney for a dog bite case

An attorney who has represented dogs that have died of dog bites in the past has a much easier job than a lawyer who has handled other types of dog bite cases. 

If you’re considering a dog biting lawsuit, there are a number of things you should consider, according to a dog lawyer, attorney and animal rights advocate who spoke to TechCrunch on the condition of anonymity.

“Dog bites are the most serious, most dangerous type of crime, and there are very few defenses for a defendant that would prevent a jury from convicting a dog,” the attorney said.

“For those who are willing to take the risk, there’s a chance that the defendant could lose.

But for most people, they will win.” 

In general, you can’t hire an animal rights attorney without a specific dog bite or dog bite-related crime in mind, said attorney Joshua Krieger.

For a dog owner, there could be a dog’s fault, the dog had been misbehaving or it had been injured by the defendant’s dog.

And a dog that bites someone will likely bite the person who was the victim.

“You have to look at the totality of the circumstances,” Krieg said.

If you have a dog who is injured by a criminal defendant, you have to make sure that the owner of the dog has taken the appropriate measures to protect themselves and their dog, he said.

A lot of people are afraid to file a lawsuit.

And if they don’t file, they’re liable.

If the dog bites someone, the owner can also be liable for negligence.

“That’s a whole different animal,” Kieger said.

“The worst thing is that the animal is not going to pay.

If you can afford it, you may be able to get away with not filing.”

The lawyer also recommended that you seek out an animal protection expert to see if the owner could be held responsible for the injury of the animal, as well as the damage the owner did. 

“If the dog was not injured by that criminal defendant and it was not a criminal animal, then there’s no liability to the owner,” Kielger said, adding that even if the animal does bite someone, there may be some form of negligence or criminal liability.

“If you think that your dog has been injured or that it has been harmed by a dog, you’ll have a much better chance of getting justice.”

The animal rights lawyer also recommends getting a dog expert to look into how a dog might react to certain situations.

“It’s important to make your dog aware of what the world is like, so that he can make his own decision whether to respond to what is going on around him,” Kiefer said. 

In a case involving a dog and a dog-bite victim, the animal rights law attorney said, you could be able argue that the dog did not know the victim was a criminal and it should have reacted differently. 

Kieger added that it would be wise to have a trained professional conduct the investigation and take legal action against the defendant.

“This is a very serious crime and there is no statute of limitations,” Kienig said.

He added that if the dog is charged with criminal animal cruelty, it will be much harder for the victim to have recourse if the defendant is found not guilty.

The dog lawyer also advised that you can get a dog a little bit of therapy.

“You can teach your dog not to bite people,” he said, “and if you have some time to go through a training session, you might be able to come up with a more effective deterrent to deter dogs.” 

The dog and dog bite attorney said that the best way to avoid a dog attack is to always keep your distance from people.

“Be aware of your surroundings, be careful around children and pets, be wary of strangers, and never let your dog out alone,” Kriesger said “And if the situation calls for it, stay with your dog until it’s safe to leave.” 

If a person is bitten by a human, you should immediately seek medical attention, the attorney added.

“Make sure you get the person’s medical help,” Krieger said, noting that you should also be prepared for possible injuries or death if you are bitten. 

You may also be able use a dog tag to track your dog, and you should call a reputable dog trainer for help with the registration process, the lawyer said.