Corrupt corporate lawyer pays $8.5m in legal fees as corporate lawyer gets caught in scandal

A US corporate lawyer has been paid more than $8 million in legal expenses in a bribery scandal that resulted in a massive $500 million payout for his client.

Key points:Former US corporate law firm ‘in trouble’ for alleged $500m bribeThe US Senate has approved the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the probeThe probe, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, will examine how the US government funded a major bribery scandalThe scandal was uncovered after former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and a business associate were indicted on corruption charges, but the probe has been suspended pending Mueller’s investigation.

A federal grand jury indictment alleges Manafort received a $15.9 million bribe in 2013 to secure the release of the Ukrainian businessman Viktor Yanukovych from prison.

The case, which has now been sealed by the government, was the result of an investigation by the FBI, the New York district attorney and prosecutors in New Jersey and New York.

The investigation was led by Mueller, who was appointed special counsel by President Donald Trump last month.

The indictment charges Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates with conspiring to illegally influence a Ukrainian politician in order to obtain a $17.5 million payment from the Ukrainian government.

Prosecutors say Manafort and Gates arranged for the payment to be sent to Manafort’s private bank account.

Manafort and Gates were charged in August.

The two men are also accused of conspiring to conceal the payment from federal investigators.

The US justice department has declined to comment on the case.

A special counsel has been appointed to investigate the matter, but a spokesman said he had not yet been appointed.

The attorney general has told reporters he intends to appoint a special prosecutor, according to The New York Times.

The news comes as Mueller’s probe into Manafort and the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia enters its second week.

Manzampic was appointed US ambassador to Ukraine in 2014, after Trump fired him in August, after he had pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about his dealings with a Ukrainian political party.

In September, Mueller began an investigation into Manafort’s business ties to the country, and in early December the Justice Department appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate Manafort.

In December, the special counsel appointed by Trump appointed Mueller to oversee Mueller’s Russia probe.