Cat filter lawyer cat filters, lawyer cat takes down Facebook

A cat filter lawyer has taken down his Facebook page after it became public knowledge that he was suing the company for copyright infringement.

In a lengthy blog post, lawyer Michael Farkas posted his legal history with Facebook and how he was once accused of violating the company’s copyright by posting photos of cats on his page.

In the post, Farkass claimed that Facebook had “not made any efforts to remove the photos, which are copyright protected and which I am legally entitled to post.”

He added that Facebook claimed that it “does not want the photo of a cat” on its page, which he called a “virus.”

Farkas claimed that after the photo was taken down, Facebook began deleting his account.

Facebook declined to comment on the matter.

The lawsuit Farkaws post came after he sued Facebook over a cat filter that allowed people to post photos of their cats without their permission.

In May of last year, Fargas filed a lawsuit in San Francisco claiming that Facebook infringed his copyright by allowing him to post a photo of his cat with a caption that read “It’s a cat.

It’s cute.”

Fargaws lawsuit claimed that this posed a “direct threat to the copyright of my work and was in violation of the copyright law.”

Fargas claimed in the suit that he did not want to risk his copyright on Facebook and would have liked to continue with his business, which was a cat and dog breeder.

But when he found out about Facebook’s cat filter policy, he took it down.

Farka said that Facebook “failed to exercise due diligence” when it removed his cat filter.

He went on to say that Facebook did not give him “any opportunity to challenge” its decision to remove his cat’s photo, and that the company also did not respond to his requests for an explanation.

Fargaws claims that he filed the lawsuit after Facebook informed him that Facebook was blocking his cat photo because of the cat filter issue.

Farka posted that he “was not notified by Facebook of any legal or technological basis for blocking the cat image,” but that Facebook then “went further and blocked me.”

Farks complaint was filed in a US District Court in San Jose, California.FARKAS’ LAWYER AT FOREIGN PRESS LAWYERS AND TELEVISION LAWYREASES FACEBOOK’S RIGHTS ANALYST Facebook removed his photos and Facebook’s attorneys did not immediately respond to requests for comment.