When You Can’t Get Your Dog Back

The best-selling book of the year is about a man who is forced to euthanize his cat, and what happens next.

The movie starring Chris Pratt and Emma Stone stars Bradley Cooper as a doctor who tries to save a dog, but he soon realizes his plan is too far-fetched.

“Best-Selling Book” is the eighth title in The Wall St. Journal’s “Best of 2016” series.

The publication also published “Best Movies” and “Best TV” in March.

In the latter category, the publication gave the best drama series “House of Cards,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Veep” and the Oscar-nominated “The Night Manager.”

The magazine also named the best TV series “The Good Wife,” “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” and Fox’s “Gotham.”

It also named best documentaries, the best fiction, the year’s best novel and the best short stories.

Best-Seller of the Year: “The Walk” by Thomas Mann (Hannibal, “The Usual Suspects”) Best-Rated Book of the Week: “Wagner’s Wall” by Andrew O’Neil (Harper, “Harper’s New Yorker”)