What are you trying to hide?

Zooming in on the image above, we can see the caption says “Zoom cat” and we can’t quite tell what that might be, but we can certainly make out that the cat has a black fur and has been spotted with a red “Z” on it.

The caption also says that the Cat is registered as a cat, and “registered under a cat licence”.

It is not known what the licence is for.

The Cat was first spotted on July 24 and it is not yet clear whether it has been given a name.

“This is a very unusual cat,” says Craig Wright, a forensic dog-dog trainer and cat-lover.

“We’ve never seen a cat this large before and the way it looks is really unique.

Craig Wright says he has never seen such a large cat before. “

The fact that it is so small, I think it could be a wildcat.”

Craig Wright says he has never seen such a large cat before.

“I have never seen one this large that I haven’t seen,” he says.

But the Cat might not be alone.

In Queensland, an animal welfare group is looking for a wild cat to be released into a foster home.

“It’s an exotic animal that’s in a dangerous state,” said Victoria’s wildlife ranger and wildlife rehabilitator, Chris McConkey.

“They’ve been caught up in the bush and they’ve been killed and their fur has been ripped off.”

“We’d like to reunite them with their families and hopefully get them out of there safely.”

He says that he is “pretty confident” that the Cats are the real deal, and that there are about 100 wild cats in the country.

He said the Cats could be in the state for a long time.

“If you’ve got a feral cat you can’t just put them back in their cage,” he said.

“You need to get them back into the wild, and the feral cat population in Australia is at an all-time low.”

A spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Primary Industries said they were aware of the reports and would be reaching out to owners to find out if the Cats were in the region.

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