Small Business Lawyer Salary: $76,000

By Alex WroblewskiAssociated Press writerStaff writerAssociated Press WriterTULSA, Okla.

(AP) A Tulsa, Oklahoma, lawyer who earned $76.5 million in total compensation in 2018 was fired Wednesday by a judge who found the city failed to show a reasonable cause to fire her.

Lawyer Lisa S. Osterman filed a grievance against the city on Tuesday, saying city officials did not properly explain the reasons for her termination.

She said the city didn’t disclose she was under investigation.

The city said Ostermen was terminated for cause because she is the legal representative for the Oklahoma chapter of the National Council of La Raza, an organization that advocates for immigration rights.

Osterman’s termination is one of five such firings in the city this year, a record for the Tulsa area.

The city says more than 1,200 legal assistants have filed grievance complaints in Tulsa.

Ostersman said she received her severance package in July, and she had been in talks to negotiate a new deal.

Osterman filed the grievance against Tulsa Mayor John Sharp and Mayor Mike Huestis in an Oklahoma City court.

She said she believes the city’s attempt to defend itself was “unjustified” and that she was fired for doing her job.

A spokeswoman for Tulsa Mayor Mike Sharp did not immediately return a call for comment.

The attorney was a leader in the legal community in Tulsa, where she represented clients such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Civil Liberties Union.