Phoenix lawyer, personal injury lawyer joins forces with civil lawsuit lawyer to fight against Trump’s immigration policies

Phoenix, Arizona, Dec. 1, 2017– Phoenix attorney, personal injuries lawyer, business lawyer and immigration lawyer John T. Davis joined forces on Wednesday to help fight the President’s anti-immigrant policies by filing a federal lawsuit.

Davis, the founding partner of Davis, Tilton & Davis, LLP, is suing the Trump administration for violating his constitutional rights and seeking damages from the Trump Administration for the violation of his constitutional right to due process, equal protection and due process of law.

Davis is seeking a preliminary injunction and an injunction barring the administration from interfering with the immigration status of individuals, entities, or organizations seeking admission to the United States.

He is seeking damages for violation of due process and equal protection rights and violations of the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

In addition to Davis, the team includes attorneys Brian F. Cota, Stephen L. Brown, and Jennifer R. Stegeman.

Davis said in a statement, “The Trump Administration has systematically discriminated against and discriminated against immigrants.

These actions have led to millions of dollars in economic damage and have undermined the legal rights of our citizens and citizens of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.”

The lawsuit was filed in U..


District Court for the Southern District of California, Southern District on behalf of the Arizona Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, the Arizona Association of Immigration Counselors, and the Arizona Immigration Coalition.

Davis was born in Phoenix and is a U.K. citizen.

His wife, who is from the U, has dual citizenship and is of Indian descent.

His children have U.L.G. citizenship.

The lawsuit also seeks to require the administration to publish the immigration numbers for every foreign national applying for admission to any U.H.S.-authorized visa and to publish those numbers to the public.

Davis also seeks an injunction preventing the administration, its officials, employees, contractors, and agents from discriminating against him based on his immigration status or immigration status alone.