How to stop the Trump administration from suing you over your Facebook posts

A New York-based lawyer says he will file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s administration on behalf of a man who was detained for eight days for posting a message on Facebook.

The attorney, Michael Crump, says the Trump government is trying to force him to go to jail for posting what he called “false, defamatory, libelous and unlawful statements.”

Crump says the man was detained on April 17 for posting “an anonymous, offensive, defaming, libel and threatening message to a former employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs” in which the anonymous employee alleged that “Veterans are not safe in the United Kingdom.”

The Trump administration contends the posts were not “false or defamational,” but rather “insulting, discriminatory and offensive” and that they “discriminate against veterans.”

The Justice Department declined to comment on Crump’s complaint.

Crump says he is seeking “the return of my constitutional rights, the right to free speech, the rights to privacy, due process, due and impartial administration and the protection of whistleblowers.”