How lawyers are trying to fight back

Lawyers in India are taking legal action against a government order to make the entire state of Madhya Pradesh a “national park” in the name of the “national interest”.

The move has sparked anger among activists, who have criticised the government’s decision to open up the vast country to development and tourism.

They say the move is aimed at ensuring that the “purity of the country” will be preserved.

Lawyers have been taking legal actions against the Madhya-Goa state government for the past two years.

The park has been granted by the state government to safeguard the “preservation of the natural environment and the biodiversity of the state”.

The parks department, which has a majority of its staff from Goa, had issued an order in March last year, after local bodies opposed the park, saying it would endanger the flora and fauna and adversely affect their livelihoods.

In its order, the state cabinet, headed by the ruling BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), said the “National Park Authority of India (NPAI) has designated the entire Goa state as a National Park in order to protect the ‘preservation and natural heritage of the State of Goa’.

It said the authority has also directed the State Government to designate the whole State as a ‘National Park’ and, under the supervision of the NPAI, maintain a protected area of the whole Goa State for the protection of the ‘national interest’.

The move was taken to protect national and cultural heritage and the natural and historic value of the entire State.

It said the State government has already designated the ‘National park area’ as ‘national park’ under the Goa National Parks Act, 2014.

The Goa government had earlier allocated funds for the park area and said the allocation was pending.

However, the NDA has now asked the apex court to take up the matter.

The National Parks Authority of Goan said in a statement that the decision to designate Goa as a “National park” was taken in accordance with the Goan government’s directives.

It added that the park was designated to safeguard and safeguard the natural, historical and cultural assets of the Goas State and the National Park Authority had issued directions for the establishment of a National National Park Administration in the State.

It added that in accordance to the Goans directive, the State’s Ministry of Environment had given the nod to the State authorities to designate a national park area in Goa.

According to the NHAI, the Goap government had been planning to set up a national parks authority in Goas state since 2004, and to create a National Parks Development Authority in Goans state. “

The NPAi has made the decision and the State is now preparing the necessary documents to implement the decision,” it said.

According to the NHAI, the Goap government had been planning to set up a national parks authority in Goas state since 2004, and to create a National Parks Development Authority in Goans state.

But in the past six years, the authority had only been empowered to issue a notification, which was not binding on the State governments.

When the National parks authority was granted in 2016, it had already been designated by the Goals government as a State-owned and operated National Park and the Goambhavi State government had already established a National parks and forests department.

But the NCAI, in its order issued last year last March, had also stated that the Goes State Government had no authority to declare the state a national Park, or designate it as a park, or to set aside the entire territory of Goans State as national park, and had no right to take steps to change this designation.

“The State Government has no power to take any such step, including making any change in the designation of Goes state as national parks, as the State has not made a declaration or designation under this Act or any other applicable Act of the GOAs Government.

Moreover, the proposed designation of the entirety of the territory of the Gwalior State as National Parks under the National Permits Act, 2011 is not binding upon the State Governments, nor is it binding upon any other State government.

The State Government does not have the authority to take such action or to issue any such certificate under this act or any relevant Act of any State government,” it added.